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Proposed Information Panels

Click below to see the current proposal for up to nine main information panels (plus possibly two more near to panel 7). For further information see the feasibility study

Gateway Panel





Link Panels


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Link Panel


Gateway Panel



Link Panels

Full Panel Map

Panel 1 - CREEK MOUTH North Gateway

A storyboard could be located on the railings next to the footpath. The location adjoins the Thames Path and the Waterlink Way and gives views of the mouth of the Thames. This was the site of the General Steam Navigation Company Works, established in 1825, which pioneered the use of steam to provide London with passenger and freight services by sea. It was the first of many innovative marine engineering works that sprung up in the 19th century along Deptford Creek. The site faces the 1825 Phoenix Gas Company works on the east side of the Creek, and to the west, adjoins the site of the worlds first central power station, Deptford Power Station built later by Sebastian Ziani de Ferranti in 1889.
As a ‘gateway’ panel, a central illustration would convey the extent of the Creek, and the importance of easily navigable access to barge traffic for its 19th-century coal powered industries. The board would also highlight the location of other panels and encourage people to explore the full trail route.

The ambition is to show the locations of the information boards on Google Maps to help navigate to them and to help share digital information, old photos and interesting stories. See our demonstration here

Public access to Creekside Path

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