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Proposed Information Panels

Click below to see the current proposal for up to nine main information panels (plus possibly two more near to panel 7). For further information see the feasibility study

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Gateway Panel



Link Panels

Full Panel Map

Panel 4 - MIDDLE CREEK Ha’Penny Hatch Bridge

A story board could be located to the west side of the Ha’Penny Hatch Foot Bridge, on the C10 public foot and cycle path close where the footpath widens. This site would introduce viewers to the iconic Thames Water, Greenwich Pumping Station (GREPS) over the Creek on its east bank, with its Grade ll listed sewage pumping station and Coal Sheds. Looking back west, it also provides an excellent view of the site of the chemical works owned in the 19th century by Frank Hills, the Creek’s most successful industrial magnate of the Victorian era. It also overlooks the former gas works that is now the site of the Creekside Discovery Centre (CDC).

The board would tell the story of this local community organisation, which exists to celebrate the natural environment of the Creek, and how the existing biodiversity is threatened by pollution and the climate emergency. The story of the cumulative impact of burning of fossil fuels through the 19th and 20th centuries can be told through the industrial history of Deptford Creekside, and the trail will highlight how the CDC is responding to the environmental challenges of the 21st century.

The ambition is to show the locations of the information boards on Google Maps to help navigate to them and to help share digital information, old photos and interesting stories. See our demonstration here

View towards
DLR bridge and Thames Water site

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