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Proposed Information Panels

Click below to see the current proposal for up to nine main information panels (plus possibly two more near to panel 7). For further information see the feasibility study

Gateway Panel





Link Panels


Super site


Link Panel


Gateway Panel



Link Panels

Full Panel Map

Panel 7 - UPPER CREEK The Flour Mills- South Gateway

A storyboard could be located on the soft verge next to the Maritime Greenwich footpath facing the Creek and the site known as Hope Wharf opposite. This is the southern gateway site for the Heritage Trail. The land is owned by Maritime Greenwich and is currently accessible off Greenwich High Road. Mumford’s Flour Mill, the last surviving structure from seven hundred years of milling on this part of the Creek, is seen prominently from this location.

The panel would also describe the former site of the old medieval Tide Mills, Robinsons Mill, and the former Merryweather’s site, and describe the role of barges in supplying the mills.

A way-finding sign, 7b could be installed on the Greenwich High Road gate that leads to the Maritime Greenwich Creekside path. A separate board 7a on the site of the adjoining former Merryweather factory would draw attention to the importance of this company’s Victorian fire engines.

The ambition is to show the locations of the information boards on Google Maps to help navigate to them and to help share digital information, old photos and interesting stories. See our demonstration here

Public access to the Maritime Greenwich Footpath. Mumford’s Flour Mill is seen prominently to the left hand side

Information panel 7a at Merryweather site and way-finding sign 7b at the main entrance gate

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