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Proposed Information Panels

Click below to see the current proposal for up to nine main information panels (plus possibly two more near to panel 7). For further information see the feasibility study

Gateway Panel





Link Panels


Super site


Link Panel


Gateway Panel



Link Panels

Full Panel Map

Panel 8 - MIDDLE CREEK Norman Road

The storyboard location is to be determined through consultation with current owners. A board located beside the Creek on Hilton Wharf would provide views of the widest section of the Creek, as well as across the Creek towards the site of the world’s first super phosphate factory which opened on the west bank of the Creek in 1845.

It would also provide an excellent view of the international award winning Trinity Laban Centre built in 2001 by architects Herzog and de Meuron, built on the site of a former soap works, and once a waste extraction site. On the east side of the Creek was the site of the Rennie Brothers Works, one of the many marine engineering companies active along the Creek from the 1840s. They were involved in the rapid evolution of marine innovations including replacing paddle propulsion with propellers and using iron construction rather than wood.

The ambition is to show the locations of the information boards on Google Maps to help navigate to them and to help share digital information, old photos and interesting stories. See our demonstration here

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