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Proposed Information Panels

Click below to see the current proposal for up to nine main information panels (plus possibly two more near to panel 7). For further information see the feasibility study

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Gateway Panel



Link Panels

Full Panel Map

Panel 9 - LOWER CREEK Dowells Street

At the mouth of the Creek an additional storyboard could be located on the railings next to the Creekside pavement adjacent to the Waitrose store. The land is owned by the Local Authority. The location gives good views up the Creek andbeyond Creek Bridge. It would provide a good introduction to the Heritage Trail for those starting south along it from the Creek’s east bank.

The proposed site was the former Phoenix Gas works which were influential in the development of the Creek’s chemical industries. It is also adjacent to former coal and timber wharfs and numerous marine engineering works.

This location with its view of the road bridge near the mouth of Depford Creek, would be particularly suitable to tell the story of barge transport which was essential to life on the Creek; from flour milling to providing coal for Bazalgette’s sewer pumps to Bennett Lawes’ fertilizer works and Frank Hills’ chemical factory.

The ambition is to show the locations of the information boards on Google Maps to help navigate to them and to help share digital information, old photos and interesting stories. See our demonstration here

The Creekside path with views to Creek Bridge

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