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The CreekLink Heritage Trail is a proposal by CreekLink, a small group of Deptford Creek’s South East London neighbours, to place story boards at key points along the length of the Creek. The boards will highlight the Creek’s remarkable 19th century industrial history. Between 1825 and 1900, Creek enterprises made important contributions to the successful emergence of London as the world’s first functioning mega city. 

The completed Heritage Trail will also provide information about the Creek’s surprisingly rich 21st century environment, and look ahead at the local challenges the worsening Climate Emergency poses. By providing a significantly improved public realm for the whole creek, the Heritage Trail will give both old and new Creekside communities access to a shared heritage, and help build a neighbourhood wide sense of identity.


Initial reactions during 2021 were positive. The idea has been welcomed by key stakeholders, including the Royal Borough of Greenwich, Thames Water, Thames Tideway Tunnel, the Royal (Maritime) Museums Greenwich, the Greenwich Society, the Greenwich Industrial History Society, and the Creekside Environment Centre. So far in 2022 we have already secured some £14,000 worth of funding. We are now approaching other key stakeholders, and preparing a comprehensive National Heritage Lottery Fund bid to complete the project. 


We have also published a Feasibility Study with more details (available in full on the Home Page).  It includes a draft list of the proposed contents and locations of the story boards. This is very much for up discussion:  we want your thoughts.  As CreekLink continues to develop these proposals, we will seek to widen our range of contacts, especially with local Creek residents and organisations.


At the same time, we need to build the capacity of our organisation.  We need more people to join us, and make the CreekLink Heritage Trail happen.  Please send us your ideas and comments. Please get in touch (you can use our Contact form).   


Mick Delap

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